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Protecting your business and your future 


Key employees are the ones who have special skills, experience or relationships. They are the ones whose absence could really hurt your business -- unless you plan ahead.  You can protect your business from the unexpected loss of an owner, partner or key employee with key man insurance. 


What happens to me and my business if something happens to one of my key employees?

​Do you have an employee that is critical to the everyday function of your business?  Finding that key employee or business partner helps take the every-day burden off your shoulders but it also makes it that much more important to make sure that you have a plan if something were to happen to them.  Key Man life insurance and disability income insurance provide benefits that help:

  • Provide a steady income or lump sum payments that can be used to train a replacement or supplement income until your employee returns.
  • Offset a disruption in sales or production.
  • Help alleviate credit difficulties or missed business opportunities.

Staying on top new trends or changing rules and regulations can be challenging, but it is critical to the success of your business.  With our comprehensive Employee Benefits product suite, your employees can access the coverage they need and the plans they prefer.


Just as every family has a breadwinner, every business has at least one key employee whose management role, special talents or revenue-generating abilities are critical to the business’ success.  Protect your business from the loss of an owner, partner or key employee with key person life and disability insurance.

What if you lose a key employee?

Your business is successful, thanks in part to at least one key man. What if that person suddenly passes away? Would your business survive?  If you’re protected with a key man life insurance policy from CrediFinancial, you may have the funds you need to:

 - Sustain your business through a potentially tough time

 - Cover debts and operating expenses in the face of lost sales

 - Recruit and hire a qualified replacement

How do I recruit, retain and reward my employees who are critical to the success of my business?

Finding key employees and keeping them is vital as you are working to expand your business.  Every business is different, which means your needs and your employees needs are different as well.  An array of options are available that will not only help you recruit and retain employees but also reward those that have shown their importance to you, includingqualified retirement plans; profit sharing plans; non-qualified, key employee benefit programs such as deferred compensation, supplemental executive retirement programs, executive bonus, split dollar arrangements and more.

There is a strategy that will fit each specific need and will provide you the end result you want - keeping the people that are important to you and your business.

Growing your business

As you pursue your vision and your business expands, you’re focused on attracting talent, building a strong team and sustaining growth.  At the same time, you want to make sure that you, your business and your family are protected against the unexpected.  CrediFinancial can help you take small, manageable steps to help you protect what matters most and grow your business so you can have the confidence to keep moving forward.

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