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Our business is all about protection​

We Protect Properties

The property-casualty business includes the insurance of personal property (cars, homes) and liability (personal or professional). It covers a broad range of products and services designed for our individual and business clients.

We Protect Assets

The asset management business involves investing and managing assets for the Group's insurance companies and their clients, as well as for third parties, both retail and institutional clients.

We are here for you

We believe that life is too special to be held back from achieving your goals. CrediFinancial is changing the way people feel about insurance by offering easy-to-understand products that are relevant to your life, alongside trusted advice and the convenience to connect with us however you choose.

With a wide array of insurance products and services, from medical to education, retirement, financial planning and more, our financial advisors will help you build a plan that best suits your needs today, and your ambitions for the future.

We Protect People

Our individual and group life insurance policies encompass both savings and retirement products, on the one hand, and other health and personal protection products.

Born To Protect


At CrediFinancial, insurance isn’t just about policies.  For us, it's much more than that.  It is about making a commitment to protect you in every possible way, preventing risks to save lives, supporting you through trying times, and staying by your side whenever you may need us.  At CrediFinancial, protection is our calling.